NBA Finals Quick Thoughts

Before the NBA Finals, the consensus was that the Warriors were heavy favorites and that they would dispatch the Cavs in this rematch.  After two games, all evidence seems to confirm this consensus.  It would be silly to count out that Cavs fully.  Just to refresh recollections, here’s how the teams looked after two games last NBA Finals versus the current:

Total score of 2015-16 NBA Finals after two games:  Golden State 214, Cavaliers 166 (+48)

Total score of 2016-17 NBA Finals after two games: Golden State 230, Cavaliers 196 (+34)

If you are an optimistic Cavs fan, you would note that the Cavs were more thoroughly dominated in first two games last year and still went on to win Game Three and ultimately the series.  Like last year, the Cavs also have been gotten virtually nothing from the bench and J.R. Smith.  The major difference, though, is that the Cavs’ main stars have all played well this time (Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love were terrible in Game 2 last year) and they are still getting trounced.    Anything is possible but the Cavs look like they are in big trouble.

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